Natural Health Therapy

Everyone, the young and old, male or female, can enjoy a positive benefit from a session with me.

Why should you come for a session? 

Are you wishing to improve your:

  • Sleep
  • Well-being
  • Pain levels
  • Stress levels
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Or have a need to be pampered.
A session is all about you and your health, with every treatment being specifically tailored to suit you and your requirement, making for a unique healing experience leaving you with a sense of feeling nurtured and heard.

What I Offer

You can enjoy a positive benefit from a session with me.




JIN SHINJYUTSU (Acupressure)




FACE READING (Physiognomy)


What Clients Say

I have known Maria White as a Reflexologist for many years.

I find her sensitive, insightful and skilled in her work.

Along with her friendly attitude, she makes Reflexology appointments a pleasure.

I was amazed how accurate this face reading was

Maria was able to give an accurate account of my personality and issues.

I have been receiving Reflexology and Jin Shin Jyutsu for over 6 years

I feel that this has slowed down the progress of my Parkinson’s disease.

I experienced an Indian Head Massage and foot Reflexology session

I felt like it integrated both ends of my body and I felt so relaxed and uplifted.

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By appointment.
Clinic days : Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday PM

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