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What is Metamorphosis?

Metamorphosis addresses our underlying, unconscious patterns of stress that create imbalance, disharmony and illness.

Within us there is an inner programming established at the moment of conception and we grow and develop according to that programming. During the gestation period, the nine months between conception and birth, our physical, mental, emotional and behavioural structures are all established.

Different factors which influence us through out these nine months of gestation period :

The ways of being of our parents
The cultural and environmental world they live in
The evolutionary stage that man has reached
Together with non-material, cosmic influences.

How can Metamorphosis help You?

The metamorphic technique is not a therapy or treatment as it is not concerned with addressing specific symptoms or problems. It is gentle, non-invasive and completely safe to give to anyone. It can be used on its own or alongside conventional medicine or complementary therapies.

What happens during a Metamorphosis session?

You remain fully clothed. The area I touch is along the inside edge of both feet, hands and occasionally the head.

For me, after a metamorphosis session “I feel a dropping away of old patterns, when confronted with familiar situations, I find I’m just about to respond in my normal manner when something stops me. A voice inside says, wait a minute, that’s the old pattern, what’s the new one?”

Then I find I’m responding in a different way, a new pattern is emerging.

Sometimes there are very definite changes one can see or feel.

Mental handicap and brain damage are both conditions that have been known to change considerably, especially with children, as their patterns are not yet as fixed as are those of adults. Children are freer, it is easier for them to change.

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