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stimulates body parts,
cleanses the system and improves energy flow.

Jin ShinJyutsu

maintains energy flow to halt the manifestation
of physical disease and to calm the body.

Everyone, the young and old, male or female, can benefit from a natural health therapy session at Maria Health Therapy

Why should you come for a session?

Are you wishing to improve your:

  • Sleep,
  • Well-being,
  • Pain levels,
  • Stress levels,
  • Hormonal imbalances,
  • Or have a need to be pampered.

You can enjoy a positive benefit from a session with me.


Jin ShinJyutsu


Natural Face-Lift Massage


Face Reading (Physiognomy)

Redox Signalling Molecules

A session is all about you and your health, with every treatment being specifically tailored to suit you and your requirement, making for a unique healing experience leaving you with a sense of feeling nurtured and heard.

Gift vouchers available.

I also teach classes for improving your awareness of Reflexology and Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help.

What Clients say

With her friendly attitude, she makes Reflexology appointments a pleasure.


I have been receiving Reflexology and Jin Shin Jyutsu for over 6 years and feel that this has slowed down the progress of my Parkinson’s disease.


I was amazed how accurate this face reading was, Maria was able to give an accurate account of my personality and issues