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Face Reading

What is Face Reading?

It is an art of reading your potential characteristics of your personality. It shows how your life has affected who you are.

Nature or genetics play an important part in the formation (structure/foundation) of your face. But it is not the only factor. On the nurture side you are also marked by the major events in your life which can be seen by lines, extra tissue and hallowing of your features. Through acknowledging these points, changing how you view something can change your facial appearance.

How can having your face read help you?

When I give a Face Reading, I come from a place of understanding, non-judgmental and accepting attitude.

I am able to help you expand your own self awareness and by acknowledging your potential, which you may have denied, you can find the strength to attempt things you didn’t think possible.

What happens during a Face Reading session?

A photo is taken at the start of the session, followed by your personal reading.

At the end, together, we look at the photo, which I will email to you for your reference.

What Client says about Face Reading

I was amazed how accurate this face reading was.

Maria was able to give an accurate account of my personality and issues happening in my life at the moment just by looking at my face and dividing it into two with a special camera. I was given tips on how to make some improvements in my life by the way I hold my face. I was very impressed and highly recommend face reading, you will be amazed.

Christine B

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